Our Deepest Convictions

  • God created us. He loves us. His desire has always been that we enjoy deep and healthy relationship with Him.
  • Jesus Christ is God’s Son. He is co-equal with the Father. Jesus voluntarily entered humanity, lived a sinless life, died on a cross, and rose from the dead to pay for our sins. Forgiveness of our sins and right relationship with God, are found through Him alone.
  • The Holy Spirit draws all people to Christ. He enters our lives when we receive Christ. He gives spiritual gifts to all believers for growth and service.
  • The Bible is the inspired word of God to humanity. It provides us a clear path toward a relationship with Him.
  • The church of Jesus Christ is made up of all people everywhere who know Him as their Lord and as the forgiver of their sins. Jesus will return to earth someday to be physically present with His Church.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe God wants us to be a community that is…

On a Journey with Jesus – Understanding that transformation is a journey, a process, not a one-time decision.

  • Experiencing God’s Word in a relevant, practical and life-giving way.
  • Worshiping God with our lives.

On a Journey with Each Other – Pursuing Christ in the context of relationship.

  • Loving and caring for each other in a family-centered environment.
  • Discovering the unique design of our lives, and living it out.

On a Journey with our Community and World – Actively pointing people to Jesus.

  • Pursuing lives where God’s words and actions flow through us daily.
  • Living out Jesus’ command to love our neighbor.
  • Developing relationships with others in our community by serving and loving them.
  • Loving and serving Colorado Springs like Jesus would.

We are affiliated with the Assemblies of God. https://ag.org/

Pastor Dave & Sara

Dave & Sara raised their family and have ministered in Colorado Springs since 1997. In the spring of 2008 they launched Journey Church with the desire to reach a segment of our community that was unchurched or dechurched. Following the example of early believers in Acts 2:42-47 they have watched the Lord shape the Journey Church Family.

Dave is a graduate of Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, ND where he earned a ministry degree.  He also studied at Denver Seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary in Colorado Springs and is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God.

Dave & Sara love their church family, spending time together on their little “farm”, pursuing outdoor adventures and most importantly being grandparents.

Get Connected

Who we are and what we do as a church must always be securely rooted in what we believe about God. The Bible is the source that shapes our understanding of Him. We are convinced that the Bible is the inspired message to humanity and that it provides for us a clear path toward a relationship with Him.